A Long Dream

~*~Hello Dreamers~*~

As you can tell from the date of my last blog post, I’ve been gone for a long time… Dreaming.  I can’t say that much in particular has happened, other than hanging out here and there, exploring other virtual worlds, and of course that great otherworldly dream we call “Real Life”.  For those of you that have stuck with me in Second Life through the long year+ of inactivity while my shop was on auto-pilot, thank you!

I’m feeling pulled back to Second Life to do some more designing, now that we have this new and exciting world of Mesh to play with.  I don’t know how long it will take me to figure it out, but know that I’ll be thinking of you and dreaming up something lovely I hope you’ll enjoy.


In the meantime, I’ve found a new piece of land to build my Second Life shop on, in a dreamy little sim called “Avita“.  The beautiful new shop was built my me, using the lovely “Faery Wall Hedge Kit” from Creative Fantasy.  I bought the kit to make the hedge for the garden area, and liked it so much I decided to build the whole shop out of it, well mostly, but it was great inspiration!  I just love the set.  It comes with stone walls carved with lovely faery/angel bas-relief, topped with lush sculpted hedges.  The wonderful celtic knot archway gates and lamp pillars are included, with several lamp styles to choose from.  Drop by Julia Hathor’s Creative Fantasy sims to find it and tell her Aria sent you.


Come on over and check out the New Aria’s Dream in Second Life, and if you come during the next week (Sept 13th-21st) I’ve got a special 100L Sale on everything to Celebrate the new digs (Sale is at this location only!). All gowns, all elven outfits, only 100L each with big discounts on the Dream Packs.  No new items yet, same things, in a beautiful new setting.  So if there’s something you’ve been wanting to add to your collection, now’s the time.

The sim owner has said that light commercial is acceptable, so help me out a bit and don’t throw any wild parties while I’m gone, alright?

Hope to see you there!

~Aria Swansong~

Visit: Aria’s Dream on Avita



Hello Lovelies!

It has been a long healing process getting back my creative muse… but here we are in the bright New Year 2010 with a dreamy new gown for you!  I hope you enjoy it!  Lovaela is lovingly and entirely handpainted with rich silk textures, edged in trim, and tucked with delicate flounces.  In eight rich colors… Amethyst, Ocean, Emerald Forest, Ruby, Moonstone, Shadow, Magenta, and Sapphire.

SALE this weeekend only at the Main Aria’s Dream location… we have the new release of “Lovaela” at 50% off!

Lovaela Gown in Amethyst by Aria's Dream

Lovaela Gown in Emerald Forest by Aria's Dream

Lovaela Gown in Moonstone by Aria's Dream

Lovaela Gown in Ocean by Aria's Dream

Lovaela Gown in Ruby by Aria's Dream

Lovaela Gown in Sapphire by Aria's Dream

Lovaela Gown in Shadow by Aria's Dream

Also, for those long and loyal group members in the “Aria’s Dream” group.. we have a special group gift attached in the notices for the next few weeks of “Lovaela” in Magenta.  Thank you all for your loyalty, friendship, and support throughout the year…  I Dream for You!

Lovaela Gown in Magenta by Aria's Dream



Visit Aria’s Dream at Kildinas Tor… Step into the Dream!

The lovely Llyra gown is now available at Aria’s Dream!

Llyra Gown Blue with Silver Accents from Aria's Dream

Llyra Gown Blue with Silver Accents from Aria's Dream

There are 8 beautiful gradient colours for you, in your choice of either silver or gold embellishment.  Savour the softly draping fabric and richly embellished silver or gold leaves that accent this gown, in Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, White, or Yellow.   Also available in the Silver or Gold Dream packs of all eight colours, or the Mega Dream Pack featuring all sixteen combinations.

Llyra Gown Display

Enjoy the dream with lovely Llyra, found at Aria’s Dream.

Llyra Gown in Summer Sea Group Gift from Aria's Dream

Llyra Gown in Summer Sea Group Gift from Aria's Dream

Delicate silver embroidery embellishes bodice, sleeves, and hem, framing you in ethereal elegance while gradient whispers of softest silk caress your skin.  Llyra is the latest creation by Aria’s Dream and if you are a member of the Aria’s Dream update group you received the preview group gift exclusive only colour “Summer Sea” with silver trim this week.

The lovely Llyra gown was inspired by a most amazing friend and fae, the beautiful Lady Llyra Constantine.  In both ballroom skirt and a slim skirt option, the Llyra is versatile enough to take you from garden party to elegant ballroom events with a “turn all heads” styling that will have the IM’s flying.  “Who is that amazing woman”, “Where did she get that gown?”  Tell them it’s from a dream… Find Llyra at Aria’s Dream.



The Maeve and Sirene gowns are finally in and up in the Main Store.  Maeve comes in four wonderful colors:  Twilight Sky, Forest, Ember, and Berry — while the dazzling Sirene Gown comes in two shades:  Ocean Bliss and Crimson Bliss.  Both gowns have two different skirt options.  Enjoy~

Sirene Ocean Bliss

Sirene Crimson BlissMaeve Ember

Maeve Twilight SkyMaeve Berry

Maeve Forest

Hello Sweet Dreamers~

I know it has been a long wait, but your free May Group Gift is now here… Yay!  I hope you love and enjoy the “Maeve” gown as much as I enjoyed making it.  Maeve is inspired by all my lovely Fae and Faerie friends.  Dreamy whisps of petal-soft fabric caress your every move (Wings not included). Come… enjoy the magic at Aria’s Dream.
Maeve Gown - May 2009 Group Gift Ad

Please enjoy this special group color – Aqua – just for being a part of Aria’s Dream.  It is up on the wall in the shop now… hurry!  Dresses should be out in four more colors this week, but the aqua group gift is here now for you 🙂  Happy May!

Love and Kisses!

Sale at Aria’s Dream to help earn a new computer – Everything L$100!

All items at Aria’s Dream are currently set on sale for only L$100 each!  Now is your chance to get those gowns you’ve been dreaming about, help a new friend get a start on a great wardrobe, and… with my most sincerest gratitude… help me earn enough to save up for a new computer.  So far we have set all items at the Main Store in Kildinas Tor, and the Lemania Sim for sale, and will be working on the Vanity Fayre, Ancient Dreams Market and other locations today and as soon as I am able to log in on a borrowed computer.


The huge outpouring of love and suggestions has been just amazing.  I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such friends as you!  You all mean the world to me… you’re why the dream is alive, and why the designs keep coming… it’s *you* who I Dream about and for.  You have my heartfelt thanks for helping keep “The Dream” alive.

Love, Aria~